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Spezialmachinen & Systeme

Our customers can be confident knowing that BTM can advise and support them in the application of our products from our extensive experience designing and building both standard components and complete systems for the fabrication and assembly of sheet metal and plastic products.

BTM experience is centered on the integration of Tog-L-Loc, Lance-N-Loc, and Piercing. This past experience in addition to our core expertise has integrated, riveting, parts feeding, material handling and numerous other processes in various combinations and states of complexity.

Whether you are interested in applying our standard tooling, individual units a specialized sub system or automated system you can depend on our extensive tool design and build experience for both design advice and field service.

Contact the BTM Application Engineering department for more information.

BTM has built custom machines and systems for the following companies, and many more:

gm bmw jaguar
ge ford dcx
whirlpool overheaddoor steelcase





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